Description: riding bikes, we shall pass through the Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes mountains. Accompanied by the picturesque view of the Belmeken alpine dam, we reach the Treshtenik hut. We shall also reach the reserve for dancing bears in the village of Belitza, founded by the French actress Brigitte Bardot. Active days on the bike are provided for us also in Pirin, where we shall relax in the warm springs of the villages Banya and Dobrinishte. The route leads us to the smallest town in Bulgaria – situated in a picturesque way among its sandy pyramids Melnik. Finally we shall make several days’ biking in Rila and we shall visit the largest monastery in our country - the Rila monastery.

In short: arrival at Sofia airport; a group of minimum 4 persons; biking between 30 and 50 km a day; accommodation in huts and family hotels, transfers by minibus, transport for the luggage ensured, a guide /in the respective language/, board and lodging; the museum fees and tips are not included in the price.

Difficulty degree: 4 symbols

Trekking and biking equipment: shoes, 40-litre rucksack, anorak or suitable non-permeable jacket, gloves, hat, raincoat, glasses, cream of high factor against sunburn.

Period: June -October


Variant: the same programme may be offered to families with children with reduced difficulty.


Legend: difficulty degree

1 symbol – easy – suitable for every beginner, without preliminary preparation

2 symbols – moderate – moderate condition and minimum experience in the mountain are an advantage

3 symbols – actively – good condition, experience in the mountain, motivation

4 symbols – dynamic – very good physical training and hardiness, good experience in the mountain, ability for 8 – 10 hour’s march

5 symbols – sports – excellent physical training, technical complex marches, requiring special skills, acclimatization 

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Question form