5S Training


General information: a training that involves systematized practical methods
applied through team efforts, which help maintain a standardized working
environment, where the production areas and administrative units stay functional,
clean, well-arranged, uniform and secure.
Customer benefits: uniform working place, consistency of operative steps,
synchronicity with the demands and rhythm of customers, adequate safety
measures, quality and efficiency

Sort Systematize ort Arrange Tidy up Standardize


Language culture training

General information: a practical course revealing the most common
grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes in the written practice
and providing useful tips for their avoidance
Customer benefits: perfection of the text writing and editing skills;
confidence and self-reliance in written and oral communication; positive
effect on the public image of employees and organization alike


Training in pre-hospital first aid

General information: Training in pre-hospital response with
theoretical and practical segments, in which the obtained
knowledge rises above the theoretical context through role play
and discussions
Customer benefits: adequate reaction in emergency situations, which
sometimes can be a lifesaving factor


Stress release programs

General information: going in for extreme sports such as
rock climbing, backcountry skiing, ice climbing, kayaking,
cycling, etc.
Customer benefits: release from stress, increased work
effectiveness, reduction of conflicts in the day-to-day
interactions at the workplace, more healthy teams




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