19-20.01.2019; 26-27.01.2019; 16-17.02.2019


Located in the beautiful Osogovo-Mountains, this ski resort is known for its good conditions for ski, affordable prices and the raw beauty of its nature. The ski centre is not so popular like the big ski resorts in the country, but suitable for every skier. The trails are very well-suited for beginners, as well as for the more advanced, who’d like to test their skills with some first-time powder skiing. On our part, we offer:


-      Ski weekends of skiing


-      Professional ski coaches


-      Multiple level groups, in which everyone will have the chance to ride regardless of their experience


-      Location: Osogovo, near the city Kyustendil /80km from Sofia


-      Duration: 19-20.01.2019; 26-27.01.2019; 16-17.02.2019


-      Price: BGN 165 per weekend (transport, insurance, one nights’ accommodation on full boarding basis in the hotel “Trite Buki”, as well as professional ski coaches, each of whom will train seven children)


-      The price doesn’t include: personal skiing equipment – ski, boots, poles, helmet, goggles; ski card, VAT.


-      Price for 3 Ski weekends: BGN 455



Bookings will be made until 10 January 2019 in our office at 10 Cherni Lom st., or by phone on 0896 834018 and 0896 834017. At the time of booking we expect an advance payment of 30% of the amount. Please be advised that the vacancies are limited!


Necessary conditions for your child’s inclusion: the child should be between 7 and 14 years of age and in good health. Parents fill in a questionnaire on their child’s general health status, in which they must provide information on any existing allergy, intolerance to certain foods, etc. The list of necessary documents and equipment must be accurately and fully observed. Parents must also present a Declaration of Consent, in which you agree in writing that your child spends with us the specified period at the above mentioned location.


Children will be accommodated at the hotel “Trite Buki” on full boarding basis. They will have breakfast, lunch and dinner, with at least one freshly cooked meal per day. Nomadia’s own vehicles, a van and a Dacia Logan, will be used for transportation.


Who will be responsible for the children during the ski weekend? During the ski weekendschildren will be with their coaches, who will take care of them in the evenings as well. One member of our staff is a mountain rescue expert, who can provide pre-hospital first aid, if need be.


Do children need pocket money? You can send your children with very little pocket money as they’ll have everything provided for them during the ski weekend.


Necessary documents and equipment: ski jacket and trousers; ski, ski poles, ski boots, helmet, ski goggles; sunglasses; skin cream with high UV protection factor; puffy vest or other warm outerwear; winter hat and gloves; socks (incl. warm socks for skiing); sneakers / shoes; crocs or slippers; polar fleece sweater / sweatshirt / pullover; trousers (sweatpants or polar fleece bottoms); T-shirts; undergarments; informational health status card (informal).

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