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Nomadia’s programmes are developed on the basis of our many years of experience in the field of experiential learning, otherwise known as "learning through reflection on doing” or “learning through experience”. We run our so-called “Green Schools” in this context. During Green Schools, children learn more about nature and its inhabitants and plants, as well as how to behave properly in the mountain, in the water and in the group. The children make many new friends and, together, they go through different adventures, which give them new life experience, fill them with many emotions and create many positive memories. The programmes take place outdoors and a major part of them entail various sports activities.


Day trips:
- Chemernik Organic Farm on the ridge of Stara Planina, where we will find out how a real-life farm works, take care of the farm animals and see how cheese and yoghurt are made.
- Transka Trail – trip in the picturesque and mostly unknown Kraihste. This border area offers many opportunities to learn about the life and nature around Tran.
- Chepan Planina – less well-known, but extremely beautiful area in west Stara Planina.
- Vazov Eco-Trail – hike along the footsteps of Ivan Vazov, which will take us to the beautiful Skaklya Waterfall.
- Malyovitsa – one of the most beautiful and emblematic peaks in the history of Bulgarian mountain climbing and tourism.
- Vitosha – hikes along the footsteps of Aleko Konstantinov - Shtastlivetsa, which will show us many of the riches and wonders of our Mountain.
- Vrachanski Balkan – Fairytale Trail and Ledenika Cave.
- And many more...



Trip holidays:
- Five- and seven-day trip holidays in the beautiful Mountains of Rila, Pirin and Rhodope. Daily trekking along mountain routes. Overnight stays in lodges. Introduction to Bulgaria’s natural wonders – Chudnite Mostove, Rayskoto Praskalo, the roof of the Balkans – Musala Peak, and the picturesque lakes of Rila and Pirin. Let’s protect and love our natural world...



 Summer camps:

- One-week camp at Malyovitsa in Rila, Pirin and the Rhodope. Hikes to find out about the high mountain. First steps in rock climbing. Overnight stays in lodges or hotels.
- Seaside camps and many more...



Summer tent camps:
- Reservoirs in the Rhodope Mountains – Golyam Beglik, Shiroka Polyana, Dospat, Ivaylovgrad;
- Malyovitsa, etc.



All programmes may be changed and modified.
*With the approval of the Ministry of Education and Science.


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