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The additional qualification as outdoor instructor is a training, which is developed using a methodology of learning through experience or the so-called Experiential pedagogy. It introduces a different concept of education. In its essence, it constitutes acquisition of new knowledge and skills based on the freshly obtained experience, experimentation, the development of each separate individual’s teamwork abilities and personal qualities.


In the light of our long-term experience in this field we, the Nomadia team, are convinced that with the help of experiential pedagogy the trainees will unfold, rather than lose, their most valuable qualities, will acquire many new sets of knowledge and skills, will come across the most cherished values of human society, will enjoy unforgettable experiences, which will make a positive impact to their lives. The methodology is suitable for people of various age groups, from pre-school kids to senior citizens, and can be defined as a form of lifelong learning.


The course program has been prepared under the model established by the German Association for Experiential Pedagogy. As stipulated in the Association’s requirements on the additional qualification of experts, the participants are coached for 150 training hours split into several modules. This basic course provides the most fundamental knowledge and skills for the work as instructor. It includes 4 obligatory modules to be covered within 4 weekends spread across 5months. In addition, the participants attend 2 days module “Water activities”, one day training in pre-hospital first aid, one day hospitation, one praxis project and get to know some basic legal and insurance aspects of the instructor’s work.









Module 1



Ochin dol Village /Vratsa

Bulgarian, English

Cooperative exercises, reflection, transfer-models, history and basic principles of the experiential learning  and pedagogic etc.

Module 2


Golyam Beglik lake

Bulgarian, English

Hard skills in the mountains and in the water, biwak



Bulgarian, English

Basic legal and insurance aspects of the instructor’s work

Module 3




City Bound experience; process orientation  and exam.

Day 19



First aid course /not included in the price

Day 20



Hospitation in Nomadia organization

Day 21





Price: BGN 1500 without VAT /instructors, materials, equipment/


Training organization: Nomadia Ltd., member of BE /German community of outdoor education – Bundesverband Individual- und Erlebnispädagogik.Our team has an extensive experience in the development of numerous programs and includes instructors specialized in multiple fields: mountain guides and rescue experts; lifeguards; ski, climbing and mountaineering coaches; art tutors(painters and sculptors); pedagogues with long practice in alternative teaching methods for children; medical specialists; experiential pedagogy experts; parents; friends; open-minded people...


Target groups:


-  Everyone at the age of 18 or more

-  Everyone who’d like to work in a natural environment

-  Additional qualification for everyone, whose work involves interaction with people or who intends to work with people

-  Additional qualification for every pedagogue, teacher, educator, social worker

-  Additional qualification for every sport animator, animator, coach, trainer

-  Everyone interested in the methodology of Experiential pedagogy and various alternative programs of learning

-  Every parent

-  Everyone striving to express his/her creativity

-  Everyone who’d like to share a real adventure with us

-  Everyone willing to join our team of instructors!




-  Opportunity to work as an outdoor instructor at Nomadia

-  Opportunity to work as an outdoor instructor

-  A new perspective and methodology for working with children of various age groups, with adolescents and adults

-  Exciting career opportunities involving the natural drive for creativity in every human being

-  Acquisition of knowledge and skillsby those who dare to step out of the ordinary and look for alternative and individual approaches

-  Exciting and memorable adventures, games and new acquaintances

-  To sum it up – a new angle and means of expression on personal and communal level



Conditions for application:

-  Participants must be 18or older

-  CV and motivation letter sent to our e-mail address:

-  A signed contract with Nomadia Ltd.

-  Deposition of BGN 500 advance payment.

-  Important – payment can be made in instalments!


Contact phone: 0896 834018, Ms. Rumyana Georgieva


Certificate: Participants with degree in Pedagogy will receive a certificate of additional qualification as „Experiential coach“. Participants without degree in Pedagogy will receive a certificate of basic qualification as „Experiential coach“.



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“I strongly believe we are all born with extraordinary natural talents, but the longer we spend in this world, the more we lose touch with them. It is ironic that one of the main reasons that this happens is education. As a result, too many people do not discover their own personal talents and are not actually aware of what they are capable of achieving.”


In the above quotation from Ken Robinson’s book The Element, we see a synthesized form of one of the main problems of contemporary education. Unfortunately this education unifies people, creating very strong stereotypes, which we then do not manage to shake off for the rest of our lives.


Experiential learning, also known as learning through co-experience or learning by doing, introduces a different concept of education. In and of itself, it actually consists of the acquisition of new knowledge and skills on the basis of newly-gained experience, experimentation and the development of both teamwork abilities and the individual qualities of every person.


Based on our many years of experience in this field, we – the Nomadia team – are certain that, with the help of the experiential learning methodology, your children will develop, rather than lose, their most valuable qualities, experience unforgettable moments with their friends, acquire a lot of new knowledge and skills, and discover the most cherished values of human society.


Learning about the world and our environment is an important part of children’s education. Nature gives children an opportunity to gain experience by performing activities that are rich in sensations and experiences and easily engage their inherent curiosity and imagination.


Experiential learning is suitable for virtually all age groups – from nursery-age kids to 99-year-olds. This new methodology is highly applicable to teenagers and 12-13-year-olds, for whom teamwork is truly a difficult challenge.





1. Experiential learning – learning by doing and through co-experience


WHEN          Meetings at a convenient time and day

WHERE        Outdoors, under the sunrays and the tree shade, or if it is raining, in a dry place

TOPICS         Each meeting takes place under its own designation, with the topics aligned with the interests and capabilities of the age group (RECYCLING AND COMPOSTING/ECOLOGY; ANIMALS IN THE URBAN JUNGLE; ART ON THE MOVE; SAFE SPORTS MISCHIEF; ARCHERY; TIGHTROPE WALKERS – SLACKLINING AND MANY MORE) – for example, children will learn how to recycle paper or light a fire without matches, or how to determine the age of a tree without chopping it down..., i.e. they will acquire brand new practical knowledge that might help them in certain situations and will definitely enrich them in one way or another.


2. Experiential learning during holidays and perhaps throughout the year


WHEN          Meetings on certain days of the holiday or throughout the year at a convenient time and day.

WHERE         In a park, outdoors, under the sunrays and the tree shade, in and around the school.

TOPICS         Each meeting takes place under its own designation, with the topics aligned with the interests and capabilities of the age group. For the secondary-school stage, we have planned basic team activities or so-called teambuilding activities and games.


It is important for us to hear the children’s opinions at the end of each experience. Also, twice a year, you will receive a report from us on the experiential learning course.


3. One-off half-day or full-day activity


WHEN          At a convenient time and day


WHERE        In a park or in the mountain


TOPICS         The choice is yours – forests, insects, birds, plants; recycling and composting; park – mapping, exploration, water reservoirs.





Description: riding bikes, we shall pass through the Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes mountains. Accompanied by the picturesque view of the Belmeken alpine dam, we reach the Treshtenik hut. We shall also reach the reserve for dancing bears in the village of Belitza, founded by the French actress Brigitte Bardot. Active days on the bike are provided for us also in Pirin, where we shall relax in the warm springs of the villages Banya and Dobrinishte. The route leads us to the smallest town in Bulgaria – situated in a picturesque way among its sandy pyramids Melnik. Finally we shall make several days’ biking in Rila and we shall visit the largest monastery in our country - the Rila monastery.

In short: arrival at Sofia airport; a group of minimum 4 persons; biking between 30 and 50 km a day; accommodation in huts and family hotels, transfers by minibus, transport for the luggage ensured, a guide /in the respective language/, board and lodging; the museum fees and tips are not included in the price.

Difficulty degree: 4 symbols

Trekking and biking equipment: shoes, 40-litre rucksack, anorak or suitable non-permeable jacket, gloves, hat, raincoat, glasses, cream of high factor against sunburn.

Period: June -October


Variant: the same programme may be offered to families with children with reduced difficulty.


Legend: difficulty degree

1 symbol – easy – suitable for every beginner, without preliminary preparation

2 symbols – moderate – moderate condition and minimum experience in the mountain are an advantage

3 symbols – actively – good condition, experience in the mountain, motivation

4 symbols – dynamic – very good physical training and hardiness, good experience in the mountain, ability for 8 – 10 hour’s march

5 symbols – sports – excellent physical training, technical complex marches, requiring special skills, acclimatization 

Question form

Question form